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Burgers, Mushburgers (M, TNT)
Source: Camp Pinemere
Serves: Varies

ground beef, approximately 1/4-1/2 pound per person
ketchup (or catsup--however you choose to spell it!)
tin or aluminum foil (a foot x however wide piece per person)

chopped onion
sliced carrots
chunks of fresh tomato
lettuce leaves
chopped peppers
salt and black pepper

Have a fire burning. Preferably in a fire pit or fireplace, or some other designated open-flame area.

Lay out a piece of tin foil per each person. Set a chuck of ground beef on each piece of foil.

Add ketchup and any other ingredients as desired. MUSH IT ALL TOGETHER!!! Wrap in the tin foil, and toss into the fire.

Check every 5 minutes or so for doneness. Thicker mushburgers take longer to cook than thinner mushburgers.

Peel tin foil away from mushburger, and enjoy!

Poster's Notes:
At the summer camp I used to go to, there was a special treat we made at overnight camp-outs and at special cook-out lunches or dinner: MUSHBURGERS, with Potatoes (click here for recipe) on the side. These are best cooked in an open fire (in a fireplace or fire pit, not on a grill), and best made by little hands! (Just be sure to have soap and water easily available!) Adults should do all the reaching into the fire to retrieve food parts.

Posted by Beren Orenstein

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A