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Green Bean Soup, Hungarian (D, TNT)
Source: Adapted from "The Gourmet's Cook Book," by Elek Magyar
Serves: 4

2 pounds green beans, cut diagonally, cooked in salted water OR 2 1-pound cans of green beans
1 or 2 tbsp. butter
1 to 2 tbsp. flour
200ml to 300ml (8 to 10 fluid ounces) sour cream
Salt, to taste

Make a roux of the butter or margarine and flour. Add it to the green beans and cooking liquid, and bring it to a boil.

Pour it into a serving bowl and refrigerate it. Before serving the cold soup, stir in the sour cream.

Poster's Notes:
I never add salt to anything; I always start a roux with the smallest amount and add more as needed.

Posted by Carolyn C. Gilboa

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A