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Chicken Soup, Menagere (M, KLP, TNT)
Source: Self
Serves: Varies

3 or 4 chicken frames (depending on their size)
6 boiling chicken wings
275g of chicken giblets
2 whole sticks (ribs) of celery
1 large whole brown onion
1 whole clove of garlic not crushed
1 whole large carrot
Water, to cover

Rinse bones, wings and giblets and place in a stock pot. Add whole cleaned vegetables. Cover with water. I use approximately 4 liters of water depending on the size of the wings and the frames. It is better to add less water than too much. If there are enough bones the end result (a day later after storing the stock in the fridge) produces a jellied stock full of flavor.

Bring gently to boiling point. Skim occasionally as the broth begins to boil. Then simmer for 2 hours. Cool down in pot. Then sieve the stock from the chicken and vegetables.

I don't add salt as there is enough salt in the kosher meat even after rinsing it and the celery and garlic add flavor.

Throw bones, chicken meat, and all vegetables away. Note the Heart Foundation in Australia states that the vegetables absorb fat and are thus the worse thing to eat if you are watching your cholesterol. I actually give the cooked chicken meat off the bones to one of my cats who loves it!

Cool stock down overnight in the fridge and on the following day skim off the layer of fat. This stock may then be used or frozen ready for use when required.

When required you may reheat broth with or without new vegetables.

You may add (but I don't usually add) a lean chicken breast cut into strips (no skin) and then you will need to simmer the soup for about 1/2 an hour to cook the chicken.

Poster's Notes:
I serve my soup as a clear broth with either:

Soup niblets or
Fine egg noodles (lochshen) or
Kreplach or

Alternatively I sometimes add one can of creamed corn, heat, then turn off the heat and whisk two raw eggs then gradually pour it into the soup whilst still whisking, and the egg cooks in the heat of the soup in whisps of egg and serve the soup in bowls where I have already placed chopped spring onions, ala chicken and sweet corn soup. Soy sauce and Sesame seed oil may be added at this point if so desired.

This is the recipe has been developed based on what my grandmother and mother did but I have added the garlic.

This is a cheap, low sodium, low fat, but flavorsome recipe using chicken bones rather than a whole chicken and no stock cubes! My guests always favorably comment on this soup recipe!

Posted by Linda Gold

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A