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Poffertjes (D, TNT)
Source: "Heerlijke gerechten uit de nederlandse keuken," from Wiebe Andringa (Delicious Dishes From The Dutch Kitchen)
Yield: 75-100 poffertjes (+/- 2.5cm round)

250g self-rising flour
1 egg
3dl milk
salt (very little)
powdered sugar

Put the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. Add the egg, a little of the milk, and salt. Mix the ingredients until soft dough is formed, add milk little by little and mix until all the flour is dissolved.

Heat either butter or oil (I use oil) in the poffertjespan or frying pan, put the dough into it, but only very little bits. Fry them on a high flame until brown on both sides.

Serve them with butter and powdered sugar. The best thing is to keep them warm and then enjoy them (maybe with a warm chocolate milk.....)

Poster's Notes:
Dutch poffertjes are very small pancakes which are made in a special pan. Maybe they could be made in a normal pan like blinis. I send the recipe because a lot of Dutch "fans" asked me for this recipe. They are more like a dessert or for the afternoon-snack, or in between. they are not a real meal like pancakes. In the "poffertjes-houses" they serve them with ice cream, powdered sugar, bananas, chocolate sauce, actually more sweet things than cheese.

Posted by Eliane Dreissen

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A