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Chile Peppermash (P, TNT)
Source: "Sacramental Magic In A Small Town Cafe," by Brother Juniper
Yield: 10 cups

3 lb. fresh red chiles, preferably red jalapenos if available (personal note: I've never even heard of such chiles) [Archivist's note: these are simply fully ripened jalapenos, other red chiles or combination of red bells and chiles can be used]
4-1/2 cups red wine vinegar
10 large cloves garlic, peeled
3 tablespoons salt

Wash and stem the peppers. In a blender or food processor, puree all the ingredients until smooth. (You will need to process the mixture in batches. Do not pack the peppers too tightly or you may overload your blender of food processor.)

Step back from the blender when removing the lid as pepper gas may be released and it will sting your eyes. Also, be careful when tasting this mash as it may be very spicy. (personal note: DUH!)

Store the mash in a plastic container, not in a canning jar. (it will react to the metal lid, corroding it.) Refrigerated, it keeps indefinitely.

Poster's Notes:
I, however, would not long survive this mash. As said, I used the red pepper sauce option [ed: for the Red Barbecue Sauce] and it was excellent. In fact, I cut it down to 2 tablespoons and enjoyed it. Next time I might try a Cajun spice instead....

Posted by Gypsy/Phyllis Wilson

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A