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Rotini Salad w/Fruit (P, TNT)
Source: Self
Serves: 6 to 8 as a side dish

2 cups uncooked green pasta, either rotini or some other round or spiral shape
4 to 6 cups various fruits in season, cut into bite sized pieces (see below)
1 cup prepared Raspberry Vinaigrette (click here for recipe)

Cook pasta according to package directions, being sure it remains al dente. Soggy or overdone pasta will be AWFUL in this. Trust me! Drain and cool.

Combine with other ingredients and chill at least four hours before serving.

I used the following fruits:
Golden delicious apples
Black seedless grapes

Poster's Notes:
The company picnic was last Friday and you may recall I was wanting to make a Green Pasta Fruit Salad because of my whimsical reading of the flyer announcing the picnic. I got a lot of good suggestions, but in the end I made up my own recipe. It turned out very good but the black grapes apparently looked like olives to some people who didn't mind the pasta and fruit combination but thought that olives and nectarines didn't belong in the same salad. Sigh! If only they'd asked!

Note that this is a side dish, not a sweet, dessert style fruit salad.

Posted by Gypsy/Phyllis Wilson

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A