Deena Abraham:
Here is another cute mishloach manot idea that some friends gave a number of years ago. They baked cookies in the shape of gingerbread cookies - like little people. (I think they were sugar cookies.) Ten cookies were hanging from the "branches" of a pineapple. This was to represent Hamen's ten sons who were hanged.

Marcia Goldberg, Z"L:
Another variation would be to make a giant "hamentaschen" out of the challah. Prepare the dough as always (or a bit sweeter), roll it out, place pie filling in the center and fold as for a hamentaschen. Bake as usual. It is a nice treat at the Purim seudah. Small challahs could be sent as part of the mishloah manot.

Chaya Grodner:
How about Shabbat with 2 challot (homemade) and a bottle of wine? You might
include humous or tehina to spread on the challot.

By the way, to fulfill the mitzvah is to send one michloach manot with two
different types of food (2 different brachot).

Sandy Loeffler:
Hi Everyone,

Someone once wrote in asking for after-school treats, and I just dug up an  article by Lisa Luckow-Healy, published in the Observer & Eccentric (a local newspaper), dated 8-26-99. It occurs to me that this idea might be good 
for mishloach manot...

Pencil Toppers

Pretzel rods, marshmallows, chocolate chips (or white chocolate pieces), food coloring (if white chocolate is used), baking sprinkles, wax paper or 
parchment paper, microwave-safe dessert size bowls

Melt the white chocolate or chocolate chips in the small bowls according to package instructions. This is the dip.

Place one marshmallow securely at the end of a pretzel rod. To change the color of the white chocolate, add a few drops of food coloring. Dip each marshmallow pretzel into the chocolate. Using a spoon, drizzle more on the pretzel rod if desired.

Garnish each dipped confection with decorator sprinkles. Set aside on paper to dry. Store in sealed containers.