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Apple Pie II (P, TNT)
Source: My mother of blessed memory Celia Wisan
Serves: 1 9" pie

1-1/2 cups cake flour (I use all purpose)
1-1/2 cups Crisco
1/2 tsp. salt
4 to 5 tbsp. of orange juice or ice water (The juice gives a nice color)

Sift flour and salt together and blend in Crisco to size of peas. [Use 2 knives or a pastry blender]

Add enough liquid to form a soft dough that just holds together. Make a ball and wrap in wax paper. Refrigerate, roll and use.

These are mother's own words on the recipe card I still have. The parentheses are my additions.

For the apples, the best are Rhode Island Greenings, which I seldom find anymore, but Granny Smith's work well too, making a not too juicy pie with a nice tart quality. I make this at Thanksgiving with artificial sweetener so I can enjoy a small piece. Everyone eats the same pie without being aware of the difference unless I choose to tell them.

Poster's Notes:
I just can't resist getting into the fray on this one. I also have more that 30 years of pie baking experience, but this recipe came from my mother of blessed memory, who was the world champion pie baker of all time!! Of course, I am not prejudiced here :-)

She, and I use only Crisco and did (do) the recipe by hand and boy does it come out flaky.

Posted by Wendy Baker

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A