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Beet Sour (Russel) (P, KLP)
Source: "The Complete American-Jewish Cookbook," by Anne London and Bertha Kahn Bishov (1952
Yield: Basic recipe will fill a 12-quart crock

12 pounds beets

Wash and scrape beets and cut into large pieces. Place in a 12-qt earthenware crock. Cover with cold water almost to the top.

Place a cover over the crock, allowing a small opening. Then cover with a clean cloth to keep out dust.

Let stand in a warm spot about 1 week to ferment. A white foam forms on top which is removed, and the beet mixture is stirred thoroughly. In about 3-1/2 weeks the mixture will be ready to use as russel.

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Posted by Susan Greene

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A