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Spiced Pickling Vinegar (P)
Source: Harrods Book of Jams Jellies and Chutneys
Serves: Varies

15g (1/2 oz.) each:
whole cloves
allspice berries
root ginger
cinnamon stick
whole peppercorn
1.1 liter (2 pints) vinegar

Steep the spices in the vinegar in a large bottle, without heating, for 1-2 months shaking occasionally. Strain the vinegar and re-bottle keep bottled with cork.

For a quicker method, warm the vinegar in an aluminium preserving pan. Add the spices cover and infuse over a low heat for two hours. Leave to cool, when cold bottle.

Posted by Susanne Korff

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A