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Vegetarian Schmaltz I (P, TNT)
Source: Alice (Flaks) Zygielbaum
Serves: depends on use

1 bottle corn oil
1 stick plain (no salt no milk) margarine
2 large onions
2 large carrots

In a heavy saucepan melt margarine in oil and bring to a warm temperature.

Meanwhile, peel onions and carrots. In the food processor, grate carrots, and slice onions thin.

When oil/margarine are warm, add carrots, onions, and stir. When it starts to boil, stir more often.

The minute it starts to get a golden light brown color it is time to take the onions and carrots out with a slotted spoon and place into a sieve that sits upon a bowl.

Cool. Transfer to very clean glass container. (I use a 2-cup container.) Cover with nylon seal and a lid on top. Keep in refrigerator. It keeps up to a year. Whenever you want to use it, first shake it and then use as much as you need.

With the carrots and onions which I call them now Grivelach, I put in an air tight plastic container, and keep in my freezer. You can add this to any recipe that ask for fried onions, like mashed potatoes, etc.

Poster's Notes:
This recipe I received from my in-laws mother, Alice (Flaks) Zygielbaum which we call Granny. They came to Israel from South Africa.

Posted by Rina Perry

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A