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Grapes Romanov/Romanoff (D, TNT, KLP)
Source: An Atlanta neighbor of Margaret Mitchell
Serves: According to amount used

Whole grapes, washed
Sour cream
Brown sugar

Place sour cream to cover generously the grapes. Cover with a large sprinkling of brown sugar. Place in the refrigerator uncovered.

In a few hours the brown sugar will melt over the sour cream.

Archivist's note: This same method can be used for other fruit such as figs, cherries, mangoes, etc., as a way to make a very quick elegant dessert. Fruit dish can also be placed for 5 minutes under a grill, and whipping cream can be used instead of sour cream for an even richer dessert.

Posted by Elena Eder

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A