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Clementines, Candied (P)
Source: "Chef Dvorah Buhr's Tu Bishvat Kitchen"
Serves: 12

1 dozen clementines, unpeeled (washed with top stem removed)
4 cups sugar
3 cups water

Pierce oranges with knife or toothpick 8-10 times.

Combine sugar and water in a deep pot.

Place clementines in this mixture and cover.

Bring to gentle boil over medium heat taking care not to boil over. To prevent the mixture from foaming over, add 1 tbsp. oil.

Continue to simmer clementines for 1 hour or until translucent.

The syrup should thicken but must not caramelize. If the mixture becomes too thick, add additional water.

Recipe may be varied by adding cinnamon stick, cloves or sugar. Serve at room temperature as a treat with coffee or tea. Store in airtight container.

Posted by Barbara Berner

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A