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Cheesecake, Italian (D, TNT)
Source: "Melting Pot Memories," by Judy Bart Kancigor
Yield: 1 10" cake

3 lbs. ricotta cheese
2 cups sugar
13 eggs
3 ounce liquor, rye or brandy
Citron (optional)
Chocolate chips (optional)

Mix the first 4 ingredients in food processor. Fold in citron and chocolate chips.

Grease 10" springform pan well and bake in 350°F oven for 1 hour. Turn oven off and leave in oven about 1/2 hour or until cake is set. Cool completely at room temperature before removing from pan.

LOW-FAT VERSION: Use low-fat or nonfat cheese and 6 to 7 whole eggs and the rest egg whites. I have even used 3 eggs and 10 egg whites. After cake is set, carefully pour off extra liquid caused by the lower fat cheese.

Also, I have successfully reduced the sugar to 1 cup and added orange extract, orange juice, and cinnamon. It works!

Poster's Notes:
The low-fat version is above. The recipe comes from my cousin who got it from an Italian friend. It is their family recipe.

Posted by Judy Bart Kancigor

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A