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Cheesecake, Atkins (D)
Source: Barbara Pollack
Serves: 12

5 eggs
1-1/2 tablespoons lime juice
2 teaspoons almond extract
1/2 cup heavy cream
1-1/2 pounds cottage cheese
8 packages artificial sweetener
1 package sugar free raspberry-flavored gelatin
3 ounces raspberries, fresh or frozen
1-1/2 ounces walnuts, coarsely chopped

Preheat oven to 350°F.

With all ingredients at room temperature, blend thoroughly. Use no more than 1 pound of cottage cheese (and other ingredients in proportion) per batch if using a standard-sized blender. Process each batch for several minutes to produce a smooth texture.

Spray a large pie pan with cooking spray. Optional: sprinkle with ground or sliced nuts and bake a few minutes. Place cheese mixture in pan and bake until set, about 55 minutes. Turn off heat and open oven door and allow cake to rest for about 1 hour. Cool.

Meanwhile, prepare sugar-free gelatin according to package. Chill until almost firm. Spread over cheese layer. Garnish with berries and chopped nuts. Chill overnight.

This is a little tricky to slice. The cheese layer cuts nicely but the gelatin layer hides the cuts so don't try to slice first and then serve. Also, if you refrigerate the leftovers, the cheesecake may produce some liquid. Just pour the liquid off.

Poster's Notes:
This is a wonderful cheesecake for those of us who prefer the lighter, dryer, New York-style cheesecake to cream cheese cakes. (Okay, it is a lot lighter than the really great ones but then we can eat it more often.) It's also a good source of protein and a relatively modest source of fat. It makes a nice alternative for breakfast if the sweetness isn't a trigger.

Once I knew I had a reliable source of sweetener (my cyclamate stash is almost gone), I put in a little effort to improve the recipe. A few of the changes are just preferences rather than improvements. For example, the original called for lemon juice; lime is just a family preference. We also prefer almond extract to vanilla.

Nuts make up for the lack of a crust. Sliced almonds make a reasonable "crust" but I prefer to sprinkle them on top both for color and crunchiness. They are best when lightly toasted.

Of course, you can substitute any other flavor of gelatin with or without any low carb fruit or nuts. I'll be trying cranberries with cranberry- or cherry-flavored gelatin. I think pecans would work well with them or maybe some sliced almonds.

Another topping would be 1 cup of sour cream spread across the top. You could sprinkle it with cinnamon and/or chopped nuts, or anything you dream up.

Posted by Judith Bron

Nutritional Info Per Serving: Plain: 120 calories; 6.9g fat, 3.4g carb. 10.6g protein Raspberry: 147.1 calories; 8.9g fat, 4.6g carb. 12.1g protein