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Brownies, Pesach "Lite" (P, KLP, TNT)
Source: Self
Serves: 12

1/4 cup matzo meal
1/4 cup potato starch
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup cocoa
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup oil
3 eggs
1/2 cup coarsely chopped nuts (optional)
Potato starch, for serving

Preheat oven to 325°F. Oil an 7"x11" or 9"x9" glass baking pan.

In a mixing bowl, stir together the matzo meal, potato starch, sugar, cocoa, and salt. Add oil and eggs, and stir well. Fold in the nuts, if using.

Spread batter in the pan and bake for 30 minutes or until it tests done with a tooth pick. Remove from oven and let cool on a wire rack for at least an hour. The brownies are still warm at this point.

At serving time, cut into serving pieces and sprinkle VERY lightly with potato starch.

Poster's Notes:
I used an egg substitute in place of the 3 eggs.

Thanks to all your input, I got my recipe for Passover brownies under control. I reduced the fat to 1/2, and reduced the matzo meal and potato starch proportionately. Then I used oil for the remainder, omitting the margarine completely. It made a nice cakey brownie and I am very pleased.

But the BIG news is that after it cooled, I thought how pretty it would look with some powdered sugar on top. Then I thought about the sugar in the blender routine, and knew I didn't want to do that. So I had a big revelation. Potato starch. I just put the tiniest smidgen in a tea strainer and sprinkled on only enough for a garnish. And you know what? I couldn't taste it at all.

So I put a brownie on a plate, sprinkle on a smidgen of potato starch, plop a couple of ripe red strawberries (still with their green crowns) on the side! And what do I have? The simplest Passover dessert in the world.

Posted by Marlene Arnold

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A