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Pomerantzen II (Candied Orange Rind) (P, KLP, TNT)
Source: my step-grandfather Nathan Haneman Z'L
Yield: depends on how fluid the final product is - if cooked to dryness, it will be about 2 cups

3-4 oranges - only the peels are used in this recipe
2 lb. sugar
Same amount of water as sugar (measure cup per cup) plus more for immersion
Ground ginger to taste (optional - i.e. he used it, but I hate ginger...)
Shelled almonds for decoration - optional

Preparing the peels:
Peel the oranges by marking quarter longitudinal lines. Cut each quarter to pieces - each should be about the size of a French fry.

In a large pan, cover peels with water. Bring to the boil. Move to a bowl, cover and leave for a day.

Next day, sieve, discard water, and repeat process. Repeat this for 3 days at least. If done correctly, this will remove bitterness from the peels.

Sieve peels and discard water.

Put in a large pan. Add sugar and fresh water (cup per cup). Add ginger if using. If your final destination is jam or marmalade, you may add at this stage the almonds also.

Bring carefully to a boil and simmer uncovered until most liquid is absorbed.

How much liquid is left depends on what you prefer:
Marmalade - thin and liquidy
Jam - thicker
And so on, until the final stage, when you have only the sugared peels.

Poster's Notes:
Saba Nathan used to do the same recipe with other citrus peels. I remember the grapefruit, which were OK, and the pomelo, which were to die for.

Though my Saba never did this, in Israel it is pretty customary to dip the sugared peels, when dry, into chocolate, or half dip, or white chocolate... use your imagination, this is a very popular candy here.

Posted by Raya Tarab, Z'L

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A