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Nuts, Candied Almonds (P, KLP, TNT)
Source: Unknown
Yield: 1 cup

1-3/4 cups sugar, divided
1 cup almonds (or other nuts)

Prepare a 12" piece of parchment paper on counter to place nuts on when completed.

Heat a large skillet over medium flame. In hot skillet place 1 cup of the sugar, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until sugar becomes a light brown liquid. Place nuts in skillet, stirring to coat with liquid.

Add remainder of sugar, mixing well to coat almonds. Once almonds are covered with sugar, quickly turn out in a single layer onto prepared parchment paper. Let cool 20 minutes before eating or using for garnish.

Poster's Notes:
Preparation time is approximately 20 minutes.

Posted by Valerie Kanter

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A