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Tricolor Bakery Cake (P, TNT)
Source: Self
Yield: A lot

2 packages yellow cake mix
Green food color
Red food color
Strawberry gelatin made according to package directions
Chocolate Ganache (click here for recipe)

I make a double batch of yellow cake mix that I bake on jellyroll sheets. I divide the batter into 3 parts and add red food coloring to one batch, green to the second batch, and leave the third batch yellow.

When the cakes are done I cool them, spread strawberry gelatin on 2 of the 3 layers, stack them up one top of one another, pour chocolate ganache on the whole thing, cool and then cut into small bars.

It looks like it took hours to make, yet it is very quick and easy. And of course it is delicious and makes enough to freeze a couple of batches.

Poster's Notes:
I make the recipe inside the box of Duncan Hines, the one for wedding cakes so it's a little denser.

Posted by Simone Greenbaum

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A