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Halvah Yeast Cake (D/P, TNT)
Source: Odetta Schwartz, Yediot Achronot
Serves: 3 26cm springform pan cakes

4 tbsp. lukewarm water
1 cube (60-70g or equivalent in dry yeast) FRESH yeast
7 extra large eggs
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. salt
1kg (2.2 lb.) all-purpose flour
500g (1 lb. 2 oz.) butter or margarine in cubes

Cream Pattisiere:
5 cups milk divided
12 yolks
1 cup flour
2 cups sugar
2 tbsp. vanilla sugar (if you don't have any, add 2 tbsp. sugar and about 1 tsp. vanilla essence)

450g (1 lb.) chopped walnuts
3 containers (each 1/2 pint) halvah spread--which is a spread avaliable in Israel made of halvah. You can use instead halvah pureed with some oil for spreading consistency, or a good spread--like chocolate spread, preserves....

Stage 1 - the dough - make at least 10, and maximum 24 hours before baking:
Mix yeast and water in a cup until melting, and proof.

In a mixer, mix with the kneading blade (the one that looks like a hook) for a few moments eggs, sugar and salt, and add yeast. Add all the flour while blending at low speed and blend until a ball is formed. Add the butter a few cubes at a time.

When all the butter is blended in, stop the mixer and put the dough in a bowl. Seal the bowl with a clingform, and leave overnight in the refrigerator.

Stage 2 - the cream - make 1 day before baking:
Whip 1 CUP of milk with the yolks and flour.

In a pot, put the remaining 4 cups of milk, sugar and vanilla sugar. Bring almost to a boil.

Lower the heat under the milk, and while whisking pour slowly in the yolk mixture. Cook while whisking until the mixture thickens - it should be as thick as a porridge.

Pour into a wide Pyrex or bowl, cover with clingform and refrigerate. When ready it should be solid - cut into three equal pieces, each piece is for one cake.

Divide the dough into three pieces, each piece is for one cake.

Roll dough (it is a bit sticky, so you need to be liberal with flour) to a 50cmX50cm (20"X20") square.

Spread with 1 container of the spread, on this spread one third of the cold cream, and on top sprinkle one third of the chopped walnuts.

Roll, and cut to 7 equal pieces. Arrange in a 26cm springform pan, with one piece in the center, and the cut side facing up. The pieces at this stage should not touch.

At this stage you can freeze the cake.

Cover with clingform and let rise until the pieces meet.

Bake for about 1 hour, or until browned, at 160°C (350°F).

Poster's Notes: I did this cake many times already and with other fillings. The cream is important but if you are really pressed for time, or wish to make it pareve--you can omit it. The cake will be less amazing, though still very tasty.

Of course you can make only 1 cake--but the whole cake is such a project, that its worth the effort only if you make 3 cakes and freeze 2--either before the rise, or after the baking

Posted by Raya Tarab, Z'L

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