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Chocolate Cake, Macaroon Mousse (P, KLP, TNT)
Source: "California Kosher," submitted by Janet Weinstein Abelson
Serves: 8

10 ounce can macaroons, sliced, reserve any crumbs
8 ounces semisweet chocolate
3 egg yolks
3 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons coffee or water
4 egg whites
1/4 cup sweet wine (optional)

Line the bottom and sides of a greased 8" springform pan with 24 slices of macaroons. If desired, drizzle wine over the macaroons.

Melt chocolate in a double boiler. In a large bowl, combine egg yolks, sugar and coffee. Slowly blend chocolate into yolk mixture. Pour into the macaroon-lined pan. Refrigerate 2 to 3 hours or until set. Unmold and garnish with macaroon crumbs on top.

For a less sweet taste, bittersweet chocolate can be used.

Poster's Notes:
This recipe comes from "California Kosher" which was put out by the Women's League of Adat Ari El Synagogue in North Hollywood, CA in 1991. (Highly rated and still available through I made it several times in past years. You could leave off the crust for plain mousse.

Posted by Miryam Bachrach

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A