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Essene Bread (P, TNT)
Source: I found this recipe on the back of an envelope in a cookbook at a bazaar
Yield: about 12 slices

2 cups whole grains

1/2 tsp. caraway seed
1/4 cup dried fruit
Oil for baking sheets

Sprout 2 cups of your choice of mix of whole grains (such as: triticale, rye, barley, wheat, etc.) by your regular way (see below my method) until the shoots on the grain are the length of the grain and then let them air-dry a few hours. Sprouts will take about 3 days depending on various things.

MY METHOD: I put cheese cloth on a mason jar, run the water through the grain and pour out for the first 2 days and return to dark cupboard. On the 3rd day I leave on the counter to get light. The water poured off should be poured onto plants as a growth enhancer.

Optional: add 1/2 tsp. of caraway or other strong dark seed, sprouted with the grain OR left unsprouted.

Empty the sprouts onto a dry towel.

Optional: add 1/4 cup of any dried fruit, soaked and drained.

Add fruit, the sprouts, and caraway (if not sprouted) to a grinder and make a meal. Knead it.

Oil baking sheets and if you wish sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Make the dough into about 12 very thin patties and leave to dry one hour on both sides, either in the sun (flies might be a problem therefore you might want to use a screen), or in a warm airy place.

Bake the patties in a low oven of no more than 250°F for 1 hour.

Poster's Notes: The ancient Jewish sect, the Essenes asceticism precluded all but the purest and simplest foods and this recipe from sprouts sounds authentic.

This bread has a sweet and heavy flavour, eaten alone or buttered. I like it with cream cheese.

It will keep for one week in the fridge or it freezes well.

Posted by Gail Evangeline

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A