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How to Make 6 Strand Challah (P, TNT)
Source: Our members
Serves: N/A

Carol Alter says: Take your 6 strands and join them together at one end.
Now go to the left side of the challach and repeat in reverse - take strand #2 and move it all the way over to the right. Take strand #1 and move it over the next two strands.
Repeat until all the strands are braided and secure at the end.

Jason Titter says: For much of my Jewish Cooking I have turned to Evelyn Rose's The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook (Carroll & Graf, New York, ISBN 0-88184-927-8) and so far, she has not lead me wrong.
Anyway, with your six strands numbered from left to right renumbering strands each time a step is done.
1 - Strand 6 over strand 1
2 - Strand 2 over strand 6
3 - Strand 1 over strand 3
4 - Strand 5 over strand 1
5 - Strand 6 over strand 4
Repeat steps 2 through 5 until the end is reached.

Wendy Baker says: I did one once, so am no expert, but I used the instructions in George Greenstein's book "Secrets of a Jewish Baker". He made it quite simple, with illustrations of each step.
I don't do it more often, as I am either making round New Year Challahs, or making quite small ones so we don't have challah left all week.