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Liqueur, Etrog (P, KLP, TNT)
Source: My husband
Yield: Approximately 2 250ml (1 pint) bottles

1 bottle arak or vodka of your choice (at least 500ml)
1 large etrog (twice the size of a lemon), or 2 lemon-sized etrogim
2 decorative glass bottles, washed well with hot water

Wash the etrogim very well, and cut them into strips 0.5cm thick, 3cm long (1/2"x1-1/2").

Stuff the etrog sticks through the neck of the bottle until the bottle is at least 3/4 full.

Pour the arak/vodka over the etrogim, until the bottles are full to the top.

Close well, and let sit for at least a week. Stays well for at least a year.

Poster's Notes:
My husband has a sure-fire recipe for using etrogim in liquor, and he makes a big production out of it after Succot every year.

Posted by Tammy Maman

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A