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Golden Glow Punch (D/P)
Source: Patty McDuffy
Serves: Amounts below for 150, 100, 75, 50 and 25 servings

6 (6 oz.) cans frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
6 (6 oz.) cans frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
6 qt. apple juice, chilled
12 qt. ginger ale, chilled
3 qt. lemon or orange sherbet
ice rings

Pour half of the concentrates and half of the apple juice into each of 2 large punch bowls. Stir half of the ginger ale into each bowl. Spoon in sherbet or add ice rings. Serve immediately. Makes 150 (1/2 cup) servings.

Ice rings:
Arrange thin overlapping slices of lime, orange and lemon in a ring mold. Pour water into mold to partially cover fruit (1/4"); freeze. When frozen, add more water to fill mold 3/4 full; freeze. Unmold and float fruit side up. For a crystal clear ice ring, boil and cool water before pouring into mold or use bottled water. For a more colorful ring, add about 1/3 cup cranberries or alternate fruit slices and whole strawberries.

Poster's Notes:
For 25 servings use: 1 can orange juice, 1 can lemonade, 1 quart apple juice, 2 quarts ginger ale and 1 pint sherbet.
For 50 servings use: 2 cans orange juice, 2 cans lemonade, 2 quarts apple juice, 4 quarts ginger ale and 2 pints sherbet.
For 75 servings use: 3 cans orange juice, 3 cans lemonade, 3 quarts apple juice, 6 quarts ginger ale and 3 pints sherbet. ---
For 100 servings use: 4 cans orange juice, 4 cans lemonade, 4 quarts apple juice, 8 quarts ginger ale and 4 pints sherbet.

Posted by Tsippi Jelingold

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A