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Egg Salad, Russian (P, KLP, TNT)
Source: Vera Aranovnaya (my Mom)
Serves: 4

3 to 4 hard boiled eggs, peeled and cold
2 bunches of scallion (about 15 pieces)
Olive oil
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Wash properly the scallions, cut in small coins. Mix well with salt, pressing it with your hands, in order to allow salt penetrate the onion. Set aside.

Fine dice the hard boiled eggs. Mix, season and serve.

My mother's patchkeraya version is: to separate green and white parts of scallion. Separate also the yolk and white of the eggs. Place in 4 different containers.

On 1/3 area of a rectangular serving plate, places a square of seasoned mixture made with green part scallion mixed with yolks, then a square seasoned yolks mixed with white part of scallion, and finally the third square is made of seasoned scallion greens with eggs whites.

A festival of colors, delicious appetizer with fresh challah, on Friday night. Goes very very well with liver pashtet (pate) which of course is also made with eggs and schmaltz, but my Mom always replaces with neutral oil (wonder why, since her Baboushka Tova lived until the age of 100, cooking on goose fat, eating blinis with with fresh cream...must be the sip of Vodka!).

Poster's Notes:
Still lots of cholesterol even without the classic addition, fried chicken skin in schmaltz!

Posted by Viviane Barzel

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A