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Chopped Liver, Favorite (M, KLP, TNT)
Source: My family
Serves: Depends how much liver is used

Kashered liver
Preferred seasonings
Eggs, hard boiled

Sauté onions.

Braise the liver with the onions and any other seasonings you prefer (garlic, salt, pepper, etc).

Grind or chop the liver. Add hard boiled eggs and a large raw onion (more if you like onion flavor) while grinding. If you use a blender, be sure not to chop everything to a paste unless you like pate) Use the braising gravy to moisten the chopped liver to taste.

When I make this, I make lots and serve the braised liver and onions for a main course with boiled potatoes. Whatever is left, gets chopped for starters for another night or for sandwiches.

Poster's Notes:
I use beef liver. My mother used to use calf's liver. Chicken liver may also be used.

I don't measure when I cook. I learned by watching my grandmother. I really just absorbed some of it by watching her cook for the few years she lived with us. But here is a recipe for chopped liver that is my family's favorite.

Posted by Barbara Franchi

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A