In today's messages there is a request for a potatonik recipe which I can't give you but there is a reference I found which mentions a cookbook by Frances AvRutick which contains the recipe. If any of you have the book I too would appreciate your posting the recipe. But it brings to mind my long deceased mother- in-law, who made this "meichel" every Friday.

It is made with grated raw potatoes and yeast among other ingredients and then baked into a heavy solid load which when eaten sits heavily on the stomach for hours but it is very tasty. When I was newly married I tried very hard to prepare a tasty dinner for my dear husband every night and he usually ate my preparation with good appetite. But after a while I notice something funny.

His appetite was always very poor on Friday night. I finally figured it out. He was in the habit of stopping in to see his mother after work on Friday. Naturally the tantalizing smell of the potatonik overcame him and he indulged. His family even buttered the slices. When his mother moved to California from NY to be with her daughters there, my husband's aunt prepared the potatonik but I never got the recipe-it was one of those "a little of this, etc."

Later when I really wanted to try to duplicate it, I could not find a recipe. I remember I even wrote to some of the cooking magazines, without success. If you will post it, I will try it, along
with a digestive tablet.

Posted by Anne Kapiloff, Z'L