Pie Crust

I have had several queries about this crust recipe and the size pan. It is for a 9" pan, top and bottom crust, but a thin crust.

The first time I made it I could figure out why it took me three attempts to get the crust to fit, I had to make it so thin. My mother looked at my pan and told me, but this is an 11" pan and this is for my 9" one. I now make 1-1/2 recipes for this big pan and have enough from trimming to make a small jellyroll.

Rolling an making these jellyrolls was how I first learned how to handle and roll the dough. My mother would always let me "play with" the dough after she finished, to make the little roll that baked along with the pie and was a private treat for the two of us. Wonderful memory.

Posted by Wendy Baker