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Pesach Preparations

It's erev erev pesach in year 2001
I've so much work to do, no matter how much I've done.
I'm always running out of stuff, sending husband daughter) to the store
To pick up one or two or even 17 items more.
I spent THREE hours yesterday picking bones from fish
So that today I can make the gefilte loaves that disappear from every dish.
There's a turkey that's defrosting in the fridge for tomorrow
And I'm hoping I won't dry it out when I cook the thing (O sorrow!)
In my freezer I have chicken soup and four dozen knaidl' balls
(I'll have to make more of them ‘cause that won't feed us all).
I made kugels of potatoes and broccoli with matzo stuff;
Two cooked and sliced briskets that I hope will not be tough;
I baked two sponge cakes, one banana and one plain;
And two pans of cinnamon squares we'll enjoy once again.
Then there's the Marvelous Matzo Crunch that I don't know if I'm able
To keep everyone away from so it makes it to the table.

Though much of the Seder centers around what we eat,
I have customs new to add this year to make the ceremony a treat.
There will be a gnarly horseradish root sprouting leaves of green
A boiled potato and an orange, the best you've ever seen.
Two bottles of fresh spring water and a small pitcher I've never used
To help with the Kos Miriam ritual and keep everyone amused.
I have compiled and written pages to make people more aware
For I have grown with all this research and I really want to share.
I've been through the Haggadah, made subtractions and additions
To keep the parts we love the best and add the new traditions

I've learned so much from food group: who eats what and why;
What to have for breakfast instead of matzo brie;
Where to buy kosher meat in places far from here;
Advice for the problems I encounter every year;
What people do to bottled fish and how to roast an egg;
Ways to handle the afikomen from Florida to Winnipeg
Where to get free matzo, how much to pay for matzo meal
(In Edmonton, Alberta four dollars is a deal!)
We've shared our recipes, stories, given and received advice
So that even the novice can make a Seder nice.

I still have to vacuum the carpets, set the table--so much to do!
But it's been fun to have a connection with other Pesach-preparers, too.
And every time I tired of working I knew it was guaranteed
That if I'd sit at my computer there would be something new to read.
Just before I go into my panic for erev erev Passover
I know that before I blink an eye it will all be over.
So to all of you Jewish Food Groupies from far and near
I wish you all Chag Sameach. Have a delicious, healthy Pesach this year!

Posted by Karen Gall