New York Restaurants I

Lou G. Siegel's was a long-standing MEAT restaurant on W 38 Street. It no longer exists as a restaurant at that site.

Those premises are now occupied by Ben's, a kosher style deli/restaurant. (They host an annual "matzo-ball eating contest"!)

I lament the demise of Siegel's. When I was in school in the area over 30 years ago, my parents established a credit for me there. It was a great treat and change from cafeteria food! The week that they were closing, about 5 years ago, we paid a last nostalgic visit to Siegel's, and ordered all the dishes we recalled so fondly, for the last time. Real Jewish style food!
Farmfood was a dairy restaurant that was on the west side about 45 years ago, and is now long gone.
Many trendy restaurants have taken their place in the last 20 years. Some have come and gone, some will live on. We now have choices of Chinese, Japanese, Italian, both meat and dairy, bistro style steakhouses, dairy and fish and salad restaurants, barbeque rib joint, and many pizza and Israeli restaurants.

Posted by Malkie Altman