My Mother's Chopper

When my mother became terminally ill in 1975 we had to move her to a nursing home. She lived in S. Florida as did I, but when my siblings came in to see her from various parts of the country they helped me  dispose of her things and clear out her apartment.

One treasure one brother took--a ceramic salt box with wooden lid in which kosher coarse salt is kept. I got one of the three wooden chopping bowls she had, plus the hand chopper. It still is the best thing for making chopped liver. I use only chicken livers, broil them thoroughly and with hand chopping they do not turn into paste. Separate the whites from the yolks after they are hard cooked. Chop the whites into the mix, then use a fork to mash the yolks and fold it into the mix. I use raw onions, but I am sure fried onions taste terrific. I stick to the raw to cut down the fat.

Have not made this in a while so I have to retrieve the precious bowl from the top shelf.

Posted by Anne Kapiloff, Z'L