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Kosher in Disneyland

A couple years back I flew to the States to attend my niece's Bat Mitzvah and took advantage of the opportunity to take my Israeli-born son to Disneyland. I packed a huge bag of kosher food to last us the day, then while we were there we passed an ice cream wagon.

The weather was very hot and the ice cream beckoned. Doubtful they would have anything kosher, I studied the pictures on the ice cream display anyway, just in case I might recognize a kosher brand (keep in mind I had not been to the States in years, and was not up-to-date on American kosher brands.) I asked to see an ice cream with a name I thought MIGHT have a hechsher. The vendor took it out and I inspected it; there on the side was the OU stamp. I said to my son, "Look! It's kosher!" Without losing a beat, the lady chimed in, "And would you like to see our full selection of kosher ice creams?"

As my jaw dropped, she rattled off (by memory!) the names of a long list of ice cream, bon bon and popsicle options. Incredulous, I stammered, "Uh... how do you know about kosher?" She replied, "Ma'am, we're well trained..."

Posted by Ruth Baks