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Julia Child

I have lots of fond memories of Julia Child. I taped many of her shows through the years, but my favorites were always the early (black and white) ones. Her casual and often clumsy ways in the kitchen were amusing along with being informative. They taught me that mistakes in preparation are rarely fatal, and she had a way of rescuing a project from disaster.

When I was teaching home-ec in High School, there were about 5 episodes which I worked into the curriculum, showing one every month or so. To a generation of young girls, they were eye-openers. (For one, they had never seen black and white TV!) The pace was generally slow enough that they could absorb important techniques, and her methods were so basic and down to earth, that they gave one confidence to experiment on ones own. They may have been amused by a lot of the shows, but now, many years later, they still will know that there was a "Julia Child", the first master of cooking shows.

I treasure those tapes, and remember her fondly.

Posted by Malkie Altman