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Good to the Last Drop

When we used to go to my bubbe's house for the Seders, and later to my aunt's house, we did the following with the fish soup - first you eat the fish, with or without the horseradish. then, put a ladleful of fish soup on the plate, and carefully add, a little at a time, matzo meal. break some matzos lengthwise, carefully, and use them like chopsticks to mix and eat, when it gets to the desired consistency.

You have to do this carefully, or you will have a mixture that is either too soupy or similar to concrete. This would occupy the younger relatives for quite some time, something like a science experiment. I have described this to people, and it really sounds pretty awful, but it is a favorite memory of mine of the Seders.

Thanks for the memory.

A very happy Pesach to all.

Posted by Muffymom, Z'L