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It's Always Latkes

My mother came from the old country as a young girl, intensely curious to learn all she could about her new world which of course included to speak, read and write English. And to learn all about the new and often strange foods she encountered in the market.

So when she saw something she was not familiar with, she would ask what it was and how to prepare it. So we got to know kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts, and rutabaga and kale - a far cry from the potatoes and carrots which had been her staples.

The only problem was that invariably she was told to boil the vegetable, mash or chop it, form a sort of latke,, roll it in matzo meal and fry it. But we did learn to eat a large variety of vegetables and still do, all four of us. How she would have relished bok choy!

Posted by Anne Kapiloff, Z'L