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Kosher Vegetarians

Top Ten Reasons to be a Kosher Vegetarian:

10. No one is offended when you only eat the fruit plate.
9. You can eat your tofu fried during the meal, instead of frozen afterwards.
8. Who cares if there's no kosher butcher in your neighborhood?
7. Time you have to wait until eating dairy: until you're hungry again.
6. Two sets of dishes = Shabbos and weekday.
5. Who cares about the outrageous price of kosher meat?
4. No concerns about shechitah!
3. Life as a kollel man in Israel won't be such a shock, as you're used to doing without meat!
2. Since you are passing on the bassar, you can focus on the yayin.
1. Two words--buttered challah.

Posted by Elaine Thickman